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Winter vehicle delivery

Winter vehicle delivery

Winter is one of the busiest seasons for car shipping in Canada. In Canada winter provides more than just gorgeous snowfall. The season brings with it a variety of road and weather conditions. Each province can have its own climate and weather, ranging from mild to intense, at any one time.

When shipping your vehicle in the winter we want you to be ready to pick up your vehicle once it has been delivered to its final destination.

Be aware that due to winter weather, the car may be snow-covered and/or the windows may be hidden.

Vehicle transport in winter conditions recommendations

We recommend bringing a squeegee or snow brush, a cloth, and, ideally, a filled spray bottle with you.

You’ll be able to safely drive away if necessary by clearing your windows, headlights, and taillights.

Always keep in mind that, because this is Canada, weather conditions can swiftly shift from moderate to extreme.

Prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter delivery

– Fill up all of your vehicle’s fluids, including antifreeze, windshield fluid, coolant, transmission oil, and so on.

– The battery is in good working order, it must perform well, and maintain a charge in cold temperatures.

– Make sure your tires are properly filled to the recommended PSI.

– A 1/4 tank of fuel is needed in the vehicle to drive on and off the carrier. As well as to warm up the transmission before loading or offloading in extremely cold weather.

Please appreciate that our goal is to deliver your vehicle safely and within the projected timelines provided to you. Nonetheless, your compliance with the standards outlined above is critical. Vehicles that aren’t winterized appropriately cause unnecessary delays and costs.

We want to assist you this winter season to guarantee everything runs properly. Make sure to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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