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Why Ship on an enclosed car carrier?

Why Ship on an enclosed car carrier?

There are a few scenarios where enclosed car carrier is recommended. Enclosed car carrier is a type of trailer that is completely covered. It is almost like transporting the vehicle inside its own garage. This type of transport is usually used by exotic car dealerships, or unique vehicle owners.

Enclosed carrier means damage free?

As we have mentioned, enclosed vehicle transport is the best way to ensure that your car arrives in good condition. This ensures free of damage caused by extreme weather, road salt, and gravel.
When you book your vehicle for transportation in a enclosed transport trailer, it will be shielded from harsh winter road salt and gravel. These harsh driving conditions might chip, wear, or otherwise harm your car’s beautiful appearance.

What about road hazards?

Other scenario is when you want to carry your exotic car in an enclosed vehicle to protect it from road hazards. One of the most important aspects of our auto shipping service is the ability to transfer your high-end vehicle safely and securely. With covered trailers, the risk of injury from road dangers is eliminated. At 100km/h highway speeds, other vehicles rubbernecking when they spot your exotic or unique collector car are a serious hazard! Construction debris, barriers, and uneven ground could all cause harm to your vehicle.

In addition, shipping on enclosed car transport preserves the high-quality finishes on your vehicle. Enclosed transport is a great alternative for year-round moving for your luxury vehicle. It removes the chance of damage while also maintaining the high quality finishes.

Shipping your car with privacy

If keeping your vehicle hidden from inquisitive eyes is what you are looking for, enclosed transport is the best bet. It allows you to ship your car privately. Receiving the least amount of exposure while it travels the roadways. This type of trailer provides you with the privacy and peace of mind you need to transfer your one-of-a-kind, luxury, or historic automobile.

Furthermore, our car shipping logistics team understands that you want your vehicle to be taken care of. This is why we make it our goal to carry them in the safest manner possible. Above all, we put that extra effort into making sure your vehicle’s safety during transportation.

To ship your vehicle in Canada you can choose from open car carrier to enclosed auto transport.

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