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    • The most popular and cost-effective of our vehicle shipping services is transporting a vehicle across Canada on an open carrier car transporter. Which is most typically seen on highways delivering to and from homes, auctions, and dealerships around the country.
    • With a completely enclosed car transporter, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe from the elements. There's no need to be concerned about unpredictably bad weather or road dust or debris getting into your automobile.
    • Auction Pick Up Service
    • While many automobile auctions are exclusively open to car dealers, there are many of online auto auctions that are open to everyone. With so many various vehicles available for sale at online auto auctions it's critical that you have a trusted company to take care of the shipping to get your vehicle safely.
    • Dealership Shipping Services
    • Vehicles are virtually always shipped from one location to another by car dealers. They transport vehicles from dealer to dealer, from auction to dealer, and from dealer to customer. The ability to send one or more automobiles at once can make the transportation process go more smoothly, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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    With over 25 years of combined auto shipping industry experience, SMR Logistics has you covered when you need a car sent anywhere in Canada. We have the expertise to complete any car shipping task, a network of open car carriers ready to carry your vehicle, and we’re here to make sure your auto transport experience is a positive one.


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    We can help you transport from a single vehicle to full loads at the same time. Please contact us for a shipping quote, as rates vary widely due to many factors.

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