Vintage Vehicles

Vintage Vehicles

Vintage Vehicles

Shipping vehicles in Canada, Vintage vehicles

If you’re wondering “what is a vintage vehicle?”. Well, it is the oldest of the categories that are used to classify older vehicles.

  • Vintage vehicles, are vehicles manufactured between 1919 and 1930.
  • Antique cars, are vehicles that were manufactured 1975 or earlier. This means 45 years or older.

The safest way to transport your vintage car

You may rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected from the weather with a fully enclosed car transporter. You don’t have to be concerned about unpredictably poor weather, road dust, or debris coming into your vehicle. When it comes to transporting a vehicle, using an enclosed auto shipping service is the safest alternative.

The Advantages of Using an Enclosed Car Trailer when you move a vintage vehicle

As mentioned, enclosed transportation is the safest and most secure mode of shipping for your vintage vehicle. Our staff will coordinate the moving to make sure the entire process runs well. Firstly, your automobile is safe and secured, protected from the elements and road debris. Secondly, you know we always have carriers available who provide excellent service for those high-end autos that require extra protection.

Protecting your vehicle during transit from prying eyes on the road and potential thefts is something you probably never considered. With an enclosed car carrier, those concerns are gone.

Shipping antique vehicles in Canada


We take pride in providing the best options and the most dependable transportation option in Canada as a leading vehicle shipping logistics company.

When you need a car shipped anywhere in Canada, SMR Logistics has you covered with over 25 years of combined auto shipping industry experience. We have the experience to handle any vintage vehicle shipping job, a network of open car carriers eager to transport your vehicle, and we’re here to make sure your auto shipment goes smoothly.



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