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Car Shipping Questions

SMR logistics can coordinate to arrange the transportation of your car anywhere in Canada.

From coast to coast, we offer a variety of car shipping services.

We will need the contact information for pick up and delivery,  with a working phone number and email address so that we can contact you during the shipment process.

Every vehicle we ship requires a year, make, model, and VIN number, and color.

Also we require booking from to be completed and authorized by the vehicle’s owner.

We always recommend to make your car shipping arrangements at least one week prior to your desired pick-up date in order for you to get your vehicle faster and to reduce the possibility of any issues.

We offer a variety of car shipping services, but basically there are two options.

Depending on your type of vehicle, urgency of the shipment and locations we can recommend what is the best option for you.

Our prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle. This is because the space needed off the car carrier is different from a sedan to a truck.

Locations are another main factor, the distance that the vehicle needs to be transported.

Type of vehicle, if its a sports unit or a vintage unit.

Also the conditions of the vehicle.

Contact one of our customer service representatives and we can help you get  quote and answer any questions you may have regarding your quote.

Generally items inside the vehicle are not allowed.

However, we may be able to accommodate a small amount of items on specific routes or loads.

Please let us know in your online car shipping quote tif you are planning on having items inside the vehicle.

There are some things you can get done to make sure your vehicle is ready for shipping in Canada.

Make sure your vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas, is in good mechanical and running condition, has an operational emergency brake, has a charged battery.

You could also, provide a copy of the vehicle’s insurance, as well as any other information you believe is necessary to ensure the safe delivery of your unit/vehicle (i.e.: special starting instructions etc.).

Doing all these, and providing accurate information will prevent incurring any further fees.

Once the vehicle is booked we will provide you with an estimated shipping time.

Transport time will vary according to:

  • Weather.
  • Road conditions.
  • The distance traveled.
  • Unforeseen mechanical instance.

Specialty Vehicle Questions

At SMR logistics we are able to transport compact vehicles, cars, SUVs, crossovers, light and heavy duty trucks, cargo vans, and minivans.

However, vehicles taller than 7 feet are hard to accommodate. If your vehicle is raised or over-sized, please let us know in advance and we can asses the shipment on the route desired.

We are able to ship modified vehicles, we do ask you to please notify us when booking if your vehicle has been changed in any manner from stock, such as with a lift, canopy, or larger tires, as this will affect the pricing.

In order to ship cars that DO NOT run or start, there are additional fees. The cost will be determined by the car’s size, the extent of the damage, the reasons why the vehicle doesn’t start. As well as if breaks work or not and the location from which it will be sent.

A non-running car is subject to a $200.00 CAD fee on AVERAGE.

It is crucial that we are informed of the vehicle’s condition during the order booking process. More importantly, before the driver arrives to pick up the vehicle, in order to avoid the cancellation of the order.

It is critical to ensure that the vehicle being shipped can roll, steer, and brake.

Certain car carriers are better equipped to move damaged or non-running automobiles. Due to the availability of the specialized equipment and staff, there may be a longer wait to ship non-running units.

We have a large network of carriers who specialize in transporting damaged vehicles. We are a leading shipper of non running vehicles.

We will provide a condition report upon request.

All the vehicles that are loaded are inspected by the drivers.

It may be difficult to assess a car with substantial damage effectively. When picking up cars at salvage auctions, it is very typical for accessories and removal items to “disappear” even before shipping.

We are able to help you transport your antique, classic and vintage vehicle in Canada.

We usually recommend these type of units to go on Enclosed car carrier.

Due to the availability of this kind of carrier, time lines may be extended for delivery.

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