Vehicle Transport from Auto Auction

Vehicle Transport from Auto Auction

Vehicle Transport from Auto Auction

With the advances in technology, now everyone can buy vehicles at an auto auction. While many automobile auctions are exclusively open to car dealers, there are many online auto auctions that are open to everyone.

There are so many various vehicles available for sale at online auto auctions. These vehicles range from project cars to costly, high-end autos.

It’s critical that you know precisely what you’re buying. When you purchase your vehicle and are ready to bring it home, contact SMR logistics, our staff has you covered. Regardless of the auction, vehicle, or pick-up/drop-off location.


How can I ship my car from an auto auction?

We know there are all types of internet auctions, whether you’re buying on online websites or in onsite auctions in Canada, we regularly provide auto transportation services for both buyers and sellers, picking up from auctions across the country.

Perhaps you purchased an automobile from another province since the price was lower. When buying a car from out of province, you’ll need a transport company that understands both the car industry and vehicle shipping. Right at the pickup place, you need a driver that knows how to correctly fill out the Bill of Lading, and how to move around the auction yard.

Can you I book my car for pick up at salvage auctions?

Short answer is yes. We will need specific information on the conditions of the vehicle and exact locations for pick up.

We will also need some information from the buyers account to make the pick up go as smooth as possible.

Sometimes a roll-back tow truck or a forklift are needed to carry damaged autos that won’t roll. A forklift is usually accessible when picking up a vehicle at a salvage auction; however, a suitable size forklift will be required at the delivery. There may also bee additional fees if auction doesn’t facilitate the loading.

Auto Auction pick up services for car dealerships

Dealerships are  wise to use the Internet to expand their inventory. You used to have to travel to auto auctions in larger cities across Canada before internet auto auction sites were a thing. Fortunately, with internet transactions and searches at an all-time high, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your desk and computer screen to buy and/or sell an automobile at an auto auction.

This offers a new challenge: how can I get the car to where it needs to go… RIGHT NOW? How can you discover a reputable carrier who can transport numerous cars at once without prior notice?

Rest assured that SMR logistics can help with auction vehicle shipping and is available to assist you with all of your auto transport needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are a great option when it comes to car auction shipping partner, whether you have a complete load or just one vehicle.

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