Enclosed Car Carrier Shipping

Enclosed Car Carrier Shipping

Enclosed Car Carrier Shipping

There are various benefits to moving a vehicle in an enclosed car carrier. Enclosed car carriers, first and foremost, have a higher insurance maximum. This ensures that your high-line vehicle is fully safeguarded throughout the shipping process. Choosing an enclosed carrier also ensures that your vehicle will be completely protected from any outside debris that could cause damage while being transported.

Some benefits of enclosed car carrier shipping

SMR Logistics always has white glove carriers providers available for those high-end vehicles that require special protection.

  • It is your vehicle’s safest and most secure way of transportation.
  • Your shipment coordinator will ensure that everything goes well.
  • Your car will be safe and secure, since it will be sheltered from the elements and road debris.
  • Vehicle is protected inside the trailer.


Protecting your vehicle from prying eyes and potential thefts while in transit is probably something you’ve never considered, but with an enclosed vehicle carrier, those worries are gone.



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