Enclosed car transportation logistic services

Enclosed car transport is a method of vehicle transport that provides additional protection.

If you need to transfer a classic or exotic vehicle, this is a perfect alternative. Enclosed carriers usually only transport a few vehicles at a time, up to seven in most situations.

However, you can also request to move a single vehicle at a time, when your car shipment is time pressing. This dedicated service comes with an additional cost.

Enclosed car carrier shipping

When to use enclosed car carrier service

Whether you’re transporting an expensive vehicle, exotic car, race car, classic collector car– or simply need to get your vehicle to the next auto show – SMR logistics has the right transport solution. For all your enclosed carrier needs, even if you’re transporting an car with sentimental value.

As mentioned, enclosed car carrier service provides transport for your automobile from door to door and coast to coast. This service provides you with the finest quality, safest, and most secure service offered in the auto shipping market today.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Benefits of enclosed car carrier

It is the safest and most secure mode of transportation for your vehicle in Canada.

We will make sure the entire car shipping process runs well. As a result, your automobile will be safe and secure. Protected from the elements and road debris. At SMR logistics, we always have carriers available that provide white glove treatment for your high-end autos. We understand that these vehicles need extra protection.

Protecting your vehicle during transit from prying eyes and potential thefts is something you probably never considered. In conclusion, with an enclosed car carrier, those concerns are gone.

Enclosed car shipping
  • No more concerns about bad weather, road dust or chips.
  • With a completely enclosed car transporter, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe from the elements. There’s no need to be concerned about unpredictably bad weather or road dust or debris damaging the body of your vehicle.
  • Enclosed car shipping is the best option for...
  • • Show cars
    • Vintage vehicles
    • Photoshoots
    • Museum vehicles
    • Exotic/Classic vehicle show
    • Prototypes
  • Professional Enclosed Shipping Service
  • Moving high-value vehicles asks for knowledge of how to secure and protect them during transport. At SMR logistics we only work with drivers that are experienced in handling high-end exotic, vintage, or racing vehicles.
  • Transporting your automobile from one location to another
  • Everything about transporting your automobile from one location to another revolves around safety. You’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into keeping your collector or vintage car in good condition. We want to make sure that stays that way during transportation.

Get a quote now. Our goal is to make moving your automobile as quick, safe, and cost-effective as possible.

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