Non-Running Vehicle Transport

Non-Running Vehicle Transport

Non-Running Vehicle Transport

SMR logistics specializes in transporting non-running and damaged automobiles. Shipping non-running cars is a complex service to provide, as it requires different processes, training, and equipment than standard car transport. Every request is different:

  • Some cars will not start
  • While others will be unable to roll because of collision damage
  • And some, will lack wheels entirely.

Although an automobile can become unusable for a variety of reasons, we have the experience and Canada-wide coverage to make it simple.

Transporting Vehicles That Are Inoperable or Non-Running

Non-running automobiles can be loaded, unloaded, stored, and transferred using our services.

Because of the extra time required to load and unload the vehicle, as well as the increased danger of damage, shipping non-running autos is always more expensive. When given the option, most drivers will always choose a running car over one that isn’t.

The cost of transportation might climb by several hundred dollars depending on the level of complexity, location, and distance.


How Do We Ship a Car That Isn’t Running?

Here are some important points to keep in mind when shipping a non-running vehicle.

  • Shipping cars without keys, make sure the wheels are straight and the transmission is in neutral. A tow truck is hired for an additional cost to load and unload the car at the pick-up site.
  • Mechanical issues? The car is considered non-running if it does not start. When an automobile won’t start, a winch is usually employed to lift it onto and off the trailer. Or we might need extra help from a different kind of equipment.
  • If a vehicle has been involved in a collision a forklift are used to carry damaged car that won’t roll. A forklift may usually accessible when picking up a vehicle at a salvage auction but this isn’t always the case.
  • Be as honest as possible with our team, so we can accommodate your shipping with the right equipment and staff.
  • Loading or unloading a car that does not run, auto shippers must use a winch. Lifting a thousand-pound car into a truck isn’t always a good idea. It’s still a hassle, and we risk causing extra damage to your vehicle and the carrier trailer.


Shipping non-running autos can be a difficult task. Some cars refuse to start, while others are unable to roll if they have been involved in an accident.

Requesting automobile shipping services for a non-running car is similar to requesting services for a running car. However, there are a few additional processes and requirements that you should make sure are completed before shipment.


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