Truck transport from Vancouver, BC

Truck transport from Vancouver, BC

Truck transport from Vancouver, BC

Shipping a car to Vancouver

Our car shipping specialists are experts in truck transport in Canada. We work hard to offer the most competitive rates and customer service in the car shipping industry. Once you book your truck for shipping, you can sit back and relax while we arrange your transportation.

We have developed our accurate car transport quotation system and industry-leading technology. Are you ready to get your truck delivered?

What’s the ideal truck transport service?

One of the most adaptable car shipping trailer types, is open car carrier.

You have at your availability a variety of combinations of services to better serve your needs. Regional transporters typically use open car carrier setup for the extra capacity. The smaller size vehicles allows the driver more mobility. As well, this options provides the capacity to transport larger and more expensive equipment, such as full-size vans and enormous trucks.

Facts of shipping by truck

  • Firstly, it is easy to load.
  • Manageable dimensions for the driver.
  • Loading oversized vehicles with flexibility.
  • Medium Capacity Restrictions are a disadvantage.
  • Due of its length, takes time and experience to properly maneuver.
  • Finally, the driver can fit approximately 7-8 cars at a time.

In conclusion, open car carrier is one of the most adaptable trailers for truck transport. Accordingly,  it does not necessitate any major modifications on the semi truck and could be as simple as connecting the trailer.


Auto trasnprt service in Vancouver



  • Different car shipping services.
  • We offer you different types of car shipping services to better serve your requierments.
  • Premium car shipping services
  • Our excellence in service are a reflection of our dedication to customer satisfaction. You're considered a partner in our success at SMR logistics.
  • Professional Shipping Service
  • We only work with the best in the transport industry. Professional, experiences and responsible drivers and staff ready to ship your car.
  • Transporting your automobile from one location to another
  • Everything about transporting your automobile from one location to another revolves around safety. We can help you relocate to any province in Canada.

Get a quote now. Our goal is to make moving your automobile as quick, safe, and cost-effective as possible.


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