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Can individuals buy vehicles from ADESA?

Can individuals buy vehicles from ADESA?

ADESA, Inc. is one of North America’s major wholesale used vehicle auction and financing companies. The corporation owns and conducts over 50 used car auctions and 30 salvage car auctions. Also, has lending offices associated with each.

A vehicle importation business, a web-based auction service, auto reconditioning facilities, and other associated entities are all owned by ADESA. As a result, about one-fifth of the North American auto-auction business is controlled by the corporation.

Mike Hockett founded Auto Dealers Exchange Management, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama in 1989, and this is where ADESA got its start. Hockett grew up in the automotive industry in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father ran a used vehicle lot and a Ford dealership before taking over an auto auction in 1964.

The majority of ADESA auctions are restricted to licensed, registered automobile and specialty dealers. However, public auctions are held in a few sites where the general public can buy a range of vehicles. Cars, boats, and RVs are among them, as are heavy duty trucks, specialized equipment, and even construction vehicles.

Professional automobile buyers and sellers benefit from ADESA auto auction’s wholesale vehicle auction solutions. ADESA is operating more than 75 vehicle auctions across North America. Inventory comes in a variety of forms. Pre- and post-sale services are available.

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