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Enclosed Car Shipping Services: What You NEED TO Know

Enclosed Car Shipping Services: What You NEED TO Know

There are many advantages of shipping a car in an enclosed car carrier. First and foremost, enclosed car carriers have a larger insurance maximum, ensuring that your high-line vehicle is fully protected throughout the transit procedure. We recommend choosing an enclosed carrier. This also gives you the assurance that your vehicle will be totally protected from any outside debris. Outside debris could cause harm to the body of the vehicle during transportation.

Lift-Gate Technology is also available on some enclosed carriers. For loading and unloading vehicles with low ground clearance, hydraulic lift gates are essential.

However, these perks stated above are often only accessible on enclosed car carriers. We offer this exclusive car shipping service.

Enclosed carrier car transport is more expensive than open-air car transport. So considering the benefits of enclosed car carrier, these outweigh the additional expense.

The Advantages of Using an Enclosed Car Trailer.

Firstly, shipping your car on an enclosed car trailer, is the safest and most secure mode of transportation for your vehicle. Your SMR logistics shipment coordinator will make sure the entire process runs well.

Secondly, your car will be safe and secure. It will be protected from the elements and road debris by shipping your vehicle by enclosed car carrier. SMR logistics will always have carriers available who provide white glove treatment. This service is available for those high-end autos that require extra protection.

Thirdly, protecting your vehicle during transit from prying eyes and potential thefts is something you probably never considered. With an enclosed car carrier those concerns are gone.

Enclosed Car Shipping
Car shipping by enclosed car carrier

We offer the right vehicle transport solution for all your enclosed carrier needs. Doesn’t matter if you’re transporting an expensive vehicle, exotic car, race car, classic collector car, or simply need to get your vehicle to the next auto show. We can help transporting an irreplaceable car with sentimental value.

Our enclosed car carrier service will carry your vehicle door-to-door and coast-to-coast. We provide you with the highest quality, safe, and secure service available in the current auto shipping industry. It is your vehicle’s safest and most secure way of transportation. Your shipment coordinator will ensure that everything goes well. When you send your car by enclosed car carrier, it will be safe and secure. Also, protected from the elements and road debris.

Moving high-value vehicles always requires knowledge. Knowing how to secure and protect them during transport is crucial. All SMR logistics carrier drivers are experienced in handling your high-end exotic, vintage, or racing vehicles.

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