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Dealership auto shipping services

Dealership auto shipping services

We provide a comprehensive shipping program to meet the auto shipping needs of dealerships in Canada.

Vehicles are virtually always being shipped from one location to another by car dealers. They transport vehicles from dealer to dealer, from auction to dealer, and from dealer to customer. The ability to send one or more automobiles at once can make the transportation process go more smoothly, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Automobile dealerships face unique auto shipping difficulties.

Firstly, you have cyclical seasons and may require the transportation of a large number of vehicles in a short period of time. There is often a lot of activity near the end of the year, and you may not have time to fit into an auto transport company’s schedule. We recognize these difficulties and strive to make the auto shipping process as simple as possible for our dealership partners. We use auto shipping terminals; also, we are able to provide door-to-door delivery, which can save you time and stress.

Car transport services for dealers as it should have always been

Because smr logistics has worked with a business like car dealerships, we have extensive first-hand knowledge and experience.

We understand what your dealership requires to stay on top of the game and provide your customers with the best hard-to-find autos. At smr logistics we understand that what’s in stock doesn’t always correspond to the ideal car in your customer’s mind. And we will work with you to get what your customer wants and get it delivered in perfect condition.

car dealership in Canada

You do what you do best – sell cars – and we’ll do what we do best – transfer your vehicles from one location to another. We can even carry your customers’ vehicles from your location to their doorstep!

You don’t know where to start? Request a auto shipping quote, lets start there.

From there one of our expert team members will contact you to discuss any question that come up.

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