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Our primary priority is transporting your vehicle safely to your requested delivery location. As a result, we can suggest a few things to get your vehicle ready for shipping.

There isn’t much you need to do, but there are a few things that can be done to ensure the vehicles safety and avoid delays.

Preparing my car for shipping

  • Your automobile must be in functional order to be loaded onto the carrier and dispatched.
  • The gasoline tank must be at least 1/3 full, and no more than half tank full.
    • This ensures the vehicle can be driven onto and off the carrier. Also during winter months, we need to let the vehicle run for a few minutes for it to warm up for driving onto and off the trailer.
  • The E-brake and foot brake must both function properly.
  • Any personal items should be removed from your vehicle. Unless stated or approved otherwise.
  • removed from your vehicle. Unless stated or approved otherwise.
  • Your vehicle must have at least 6 inches or more of ground clearance
  • If your car has been modified, please notify us before booking a shipment.
  • In your glove compartment, keep a copy of your vehicle’s registration and insurance.
  • Check that anything attached to the car is secure and won’t damage the vehicle or neighboring vehicles.

Getting my vehicle ready for shipping

  • Prior to shipping, wash the vehicle to aid the driver in performing a thorough inspection for any existing dings, dents, or scratches.
  • To get your vehicle ready, check for leaks because a driver may refuse to load a car that is leaking too much oil or fluid.
  • Not necessary, but advised:  take high-quality images (including the odometer) and recordings.
  • Keep a spare key on hand just in case.
  • The majority of car shipments go successfully, and following these procedures can help ensure a favorable experience.

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