Car Shipping Time Lines

Car Shipping Time Frames

Are you wondering how car shipping works? Do you know how long in advance do you need to plan your car shipping?

Well, if you are shipping a vehicle, there are mainly four elements that influence when your vehicle will be picked up. Also, these will influence how long the vehicle will take to arrive to its destination.

Driver loading car

Logistic lead work flow

Firstly, there is the lead time. The lead time in car shipping means the process and time it will take for a auto shipping driver to be assigned to your order. This is also heavily influenced by auto transporter’s availability.


Secondly, the destination and pick up location are crucial. The most frequently trafficked car shipping routes are those that connect major cities and terminals. It will take longer to reach small towns or distant regions.

Season and weather

In the spring, there is an increasing demand from snowbirds and vacationers. Routes may be overwhelmed, trying to get their vehicles delivered. As a consequence, this can extend delivery timelines, as routes may be saturated.

Winter months, with weather conditions shift quickly. Extra caution needs to be performed during auto transport. For this reason, transit time lines may be slower.

Type of car shipping service

Most open car carriers are capable of transporting a large number of vehicles at once. This capability, helps speed up the auto shipping delivery time lines.

Enclosed transport takes more time to deliver. As a result of  having a slower turn around.

To mention just a few.

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